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Jun 28, 2012
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New Book on Local SEO for Attorneys


Mike Ramsey from Nifty Law just released a new book in conjunction with
Attorney at Work.

<a href="">Winning at Local Search: The Nifty Guide to Online Marketing for Lawyers</a>

t's not easy to get found on the Internet. As more clients turn directly to the Internet to find that one special lawyer ? right town, right skills, good track record ? marketing your practice can feel like trying to break the Enigma Code while juggling. The good news is there is a developing science around local search, and Nifty Marketing CEO Mike Ramsey is one of its genuine pioneers.

In this new book, he combines the latest word on online search tactics with common sense marketing advice ? handing you a straight-shooting action plan for getting found when the right clients come looking for a lawyer.

Definitely a "not for dummies" guide. In Winning with Local Search, Ramsey dishes up expert tips, tricks and advice from the trenches about search engine dos and dont?s, directory listings, site design, paid online advertising, client reviews ? and getting links, likes and shares. Plus, his personal list of awesome online resources links you to the up-to-date information you need to stay on top of the local search game.

For every lawyer struggling to unlock the mysteries of getting found on the Internet, this 60-page book contains the key.

See table of contents and more OR buy it, at the link above!

You can finish it in a few hours. It's geared more towards beginners. There are a few good tips, though.

Happy reading.
I read Mike's book a couple weeks ago. It's a good read. As Blake said, its main purpose is as a quick-start guide.

But there's good stuff for people who aren't at their first rodeo.

Probably my favorite tip was, "Lawyers are the product" (pp. 27-32). Mike really stresses the importance of attorneys' bio pages. I also like that he takes a stand on exact-match domains.

A few gripes:

1. For people who aren't as geeky as I am, there should be a glossary.

2. The section on reviews should have addressed the anonymity / privacy challenge (like by citing my post from February :)).

3. Each chapter should end with a quick “action item for today."

I'd give it 8/10. Solid advice for lawyers and their local SEOs.

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