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Dec 27, 2013
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I want to start a new website. When I google my business industry with city name, no google+ local
ballons appear. It appears that most of the business on the first page serve mutilple cities (ex: New York, Los Angeles, Tampa, Miami). I really only want to focus on my city though. Is going local the way to go? Becuase I see no google+ local balloons and that worries me
Can't advise without any details. Please provide the industry and keywords.

If you want to provide specific business details I can move this thread to the help section.
Ok sorry about that.
Ex: sign spinning in tampa or sign spinning compaines in tampa
Aha, I just saw a sign spinner on the sidewalk outside of a pizza place the other day.

My guess is that there are no pinned results because there isn't enough competition or people actually searching for sign spinners. It would be a pretty small market I would assume. The only people looking for sign spinners would be very specific types of SMB's.

What is the nature of the website you want to create? Is it to advertise sign spinner services to SMB's?
If you have a small niche like that and you're geo targeted to just one city you will crush it without a ton of effort.
Yes it is to advertise services. Ill mainly be doing it, ive been learning tricks over the years. Do u think I should go local or national? For now I just want to rank in tampa, then maybe after a few years ill do nearby cities like orlando
Since there aren't enough sign spinners, when someone searches with the term "sign spinner", what will come up will be national results, not local.

Your best bet is to target "Sign Spinner" + Location and create multiple location pages. It seems pretty easy to rank for that "sign spinner tampa" looking at the results.

You already know what you want to do, start with tampa and branch out. You can go national later on...

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