Nov 18, 2019

My client is a restaurant that has been in business for 3 years. They recently franchised and have a new restaurant location about 15 km away.

- I created a new GMB listing for the new location (been 2 months)
- I setup around 20 NAP's (been 2 weeks now)
- I modified their website to recognize a second location, making it more corporate and less 1 restaurant specific.... not all the way there yet.

My issue is the following:
1. When I search for the restaurant name, only the main flag ship restaurant shows up. I need to put the city specifically in the search and match the restaurant name exactly with the ' in the title or it won't find it.

2. It's not showing in the map pack when I search on the restaurant name likes it's competitors.

Any ideas on how to optimize the results for a new franchise location so it will show up when searched?

Rich Owings

Local Search Expert
LocalU Member
Apr 21, 2014
Are you linking to the home page or location page? I would put both addresses on the home page (or in the sitewide footer) and use the homepage for the GMB website link.

Also, getting reviews will help improve rankings.

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