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Jun 28, 2012
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Just discovered a new change in the Google Places API I thought I'd share. However I just don't hear anyone, at least in 'our' side of local search, talk about check-ins much.

But looks like Google is changing the name. Just not sure if they are changing the public facing side of things OR just the developer side.

Don't really have time to research, so will just throw it out there in case anyone is interested in API or check-in news.

Google Places API Check-In service renamed to Bump - Google Groups

We'd like to inform you that the Google Places API check-in service has been renamed to Places Bumps to better capture the intended use of the service. The Bump service functions the same as the Check-in service, but it uses a different service endpoint (see below). The current check-in service will continue to work in the same manner until April 30th, 2013 when it will be switched off. We encourage you to migrate to the Bump service as soon as possible to avoid any issues when the check-in service is switched off...
I'm not familiar with check-ins. I will have to investigate.
BTW is there a handy list of all the Places or G+ APIs and what they do?

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