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Sep 12, 2012
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GMB used to merge an old listing location into the main listing location if the listing had moved. It was basically a merge with a 302 redirect if I'm not mistaken.

I got this from Twitter today:

They're now leaving the old listing up.

Is this how you guys have been seeing this handled lately?
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Hey @JoshuaMackens Yes I am seeing more and more cases where support is "moving" a listing according to them but actually applying the closed tag.
Hey @JoshuaMackens Yes I am seeing more and more cases where support is "moving" a listing according to them but actually applying the closed tag.

Did you just accept it and let it go? It seems like it could have ranking implications with a "permanently closed" listing out there and also no ranking boost from the merged profiles?

Also, this seems like a silly way to handle this? What benefit is there to Google to change it to this?
Depending on the scenario I have accepted it. Not always worthwhile to push back (but sometimes is worthwhile).

The inconsistencies arise from inconsistent training of the GMB support reps across the various teams and countries they operate out of. Also, some support reps play things purely by the books while others are willing to work outside of the box to figure out the best solution to a problem.
Good information to know!

Are you pushing back at all on them not merging the listings?
Sometimes, yes. Or sometimes I'll wait and try for a different support rep if I feel they aren't getting it.
I just had a case where a client got in touch with us and Google undid their "moved" designation. Either that or I am misremembering and didn't actually get them to do it correctly. Anyways...

Originally he had 2 listings. One at an old address and one at his correct address. When he moved I think he started a new GMB page. The old location had 100+ reviews. The new location had less than 20. I reach out to Google in December, they slap the "moved" designation on it and merge the reviews. No biggy.

Client contacts me today. The old listing is back. It's now marked "permanently closed" and has the old reviews back on it. They're obviously very upset.

1) I'm wondering because of Google's new "moved" policy (marking the listing "permanently closed" instead of applying the redirect) if they rolled back their "moved" changes across the board and tons of people are experiencing this?

2) Have you guys experienced anything like this where Google reverts the merging or moving of listings?

3) Has anyone lately been able to get Google to mark a listing "moved" and get a redirect or are you experiencing Google enacting their new policy and marking the old listing "permanently closed"?

P.S. It is possible that Google just never did the work I asked them to do. However, I do have confirmation from Twitter that they did it and I always double check their confirmations, so I doubt this is what happened. But still, there is a chance.

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