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Oct 8, 2018
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A client of mine just emailed me that they saw this delivery button on one of their GMB listings:


when you click the order delivery button it takes you to this page:


Does anyone know if we will be able to track orders (just how many) through this button or any other metrics?
So first question:

Have you assigned a ordering platform ? - if you currently have Doordash, Grubhub etc listed, then a user will be directed to one of these.

As to your question about tracking, this would not be through your dashboard, but through your chosen provider.

PS: I would never integrate - some of them take as much as 30% of the order total.
I know the client has partnerships with a few of those delivery groups, but I don't think they ever intentionally connected the platforms? I'm not quite sure.

They do have grubhub, postmates, doordash ads that show up on their GMB listings.

I'll ask them if they receive any data for the providers.
@nwinezog Google started to test online delivery late 2018. Grubhub is not (yet?) supported but if the restaurant partners with Postmates, Doordash and/or a few others, this CTA will automatically appears.

To be removed, you need to close your Postmates/Doordash account. My understanding is that they send a feed to Google that automatically activates this CTA. Google won't remove it unless the delivery page on the partner is removed. Google receives a new feed every 7 days so it would take a week for the CTA to disappear. Online delivery platforms don't play fair asking permission and don't offer options to be or not in that feed.

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