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May 27, 2014
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So today I had some issues with my Jeep Grande Cherokee.
So like any normal person would do I decided to look for a Authorized Jeep Dealer near me. I was soooooo disappointed from Google Maps, I tried searching every single variation for a real jeep dealership. Google showed me used car lots, a used BMW dealership and not to out do themselves with BS!!
Google shows me The Saint Louis Tribune!!! Not only that Guess Sams Club and Home Depot now all sell new Chrysler vehicles!!
AND The Funniest one Belltone Hearing Aids now according to Google Sells Chryslers Too!!

Look HERE !!!,-90.3183837,14z/data=!3m1!4b1

DO what ?????? Yes all by simply trying to find a Dealership using Google maps when searching for Authorized Jeep Dealership 63143..... Who ever thought that doing a update like pigeon should be fired clearly they were not even ready for all the glitches and problems that they are having...

I mean ok Maybe its just a new Google maps Problem .... Sadly I was SO mistaken...
As you can see I guess Auto Zone now is magically turned into a Authorized Jeep Dealership!!


Linda, with close to 12 years of online advertising I have never seen Google results this bad and fluctuate ..... I just had to share with the community ...

Maybe if Google sees all the problems people are actually having then they might at least test more before releasing a update that is causing more harm then good..
I mean what if some person was actually seeking help or was stranded and simply tried to call a tow truck or look up help and nope they show Kids Toys or a gas station...
I mean how and why Google thinks a newspaper or home depot lmao or even Sams could help me when I searched for a Authorized Jeep dealer is beyond me ...

Thoughts ?? Is anyone else seeing these crazy results???
Crazy Ross!

When we just search for client related and SEO stuff maybe it limits us.

Maybe when we just search for every day stuff like consumers do we find more bad results.

Did you leave feedback? That's the only thing you can do to let them know.
Yeah I could not agree with you more Linda, sometimes we get a one track mind when we search or help clients in one particular niche that we completely ignore the fact that normally people search for all kinds of info within Google like Dealerships, doctors, plumbers to restaurants to simple basic searches like what time a store closes or bank branch locations close by.
I did send my feedback and Google even had a popup like I have never seen before asking how I liked the new maps... They probably did not like what I had to say lol But I expressed my experiences and problems that I have been having and how I searched in ways no normal person does, with our years of working the side lines with Google and seeing how Google has made changes and us testing variations of search you would think that Google would listen to us the people that work everyday in search and local maps. But the only way we can help to improve the quality of search with in Google is people like is sending the feedback to them

Also I seen this today maybe its been out for a min and I looked over it lol but if you search for something on Google, now beside the organic link of a citation source it lists the citation source like shown here ? it lists yellowpages yelp and has a popup about that company..

[h=3]Blades on Washington | Saint Louis | Barber Shop and ...[/h]<cite class="_Rm" style="color: rgb(0, 102, 33); font-style: normal; font-size: 13px;"></cite>

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Rating: 4 - ‎23 reviews - ‎Price range: $
23 Reviews of Wyoming Barber Shop "I came in looking like "Duck Dynasty" and walked ... This barber shop is a St. Louis landmark that has been in continuous ...

[h=3]Top Spots For Men's Haircuts In St. Louis ? CBS St. Louis[/h]<cite class="_Rm" style="color: rgb(0, 102, 33); font-style: normal; font-size: 13px;"></cite>


Jan 8, 2013 - ... grooming done at a reasonable rate. Check out these great barbershops in the city. News, Sports, Weather, Traffic and St. Louis' Top Spots.

[h=3]Barbers in Saint Louis MO -[/h]<cite class="_Rm bc" style="color: rgb(0, 102, 33); font-style: normal; font-size: 13px;"> - Yellow Pages, the new ? Saint Louis, MO</cite>

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[h=3]Southtown Barbershop St. Louis[/h]
Hi Ross,

Sorry I'm not following you at all from here on down:

"Also I seen this today maybe its been out for a min" and then the whole rest of the page.

Don't understand the point. (But it's midnight and I'm tired.)

Easier for me to see it live. Maybe link to SERP or a screenshot would show what you mean better?
Sorry Linda,
I worked late last night as well and guess I had a brain fart lol
here is a screenshot of what I am seeing, again maybe Google has been doing it for awhile and I never really noticed.
I was working and testing info in the knowledge graph and when hovering over where you look at cached pages it gave a mini description of the citation or data source in this case Yellow Pages and Yelp CBS News or KMOX in Saint Louis and Saint louis Magazine.
I never have seen this before. Especially the mini detail of the source.

barber in saint louis - Google Search | Awesome Screenshot
That screenshot just shows a regular SERP, does not show what you were trying to point out. But I found the SERP and poked around and now I see what you are saying.

I think that may be newish, but is only triggered for big brands.

Good catch!
Glad you seen it Linda,
I have seen the same, major brands showing these but I also looked deeper and for the major brands popup or info bubble a lot of the info is coming straight from Freebase and or Wiki which we already knew is a highly trusted source of info for Google and when searching checking around I would say that about 90% of big brands info in their popup is coming straight from a Wiki page. The ones that do not come from Wiki I see still actually come from there schema markup in freebase which is still coming from Wiki.......... Yeah Wiki provides all information for Major brands popup info...

I bet we will see more in the near future with Google and trusted sources like Wiki, they already have given business directories like Yelp, Yp and FindTheBest more trust and show them more in organic search sometime too Much !
I seen just the other day when searching for a doctor in my area that Yellow pages and Angie's list had every single organic link on the front page. Which was crazy they did not show any local doctors in the 7 pack or even a three pack. All were straight coming from serp pages.
Hi Ross and Linda,
Crazy stuff. I was able to duplicate your searches and am seeing the exact same results.
Also, with location set to St. Louis, MO and searching for 'jeep authorized dealer' I get a Map listing in Springfield, IL:


Looks like it's getting worse before it gets any better.
Hang in there.........


Google was not ready for their latest updates in noway.
With all the bugs and glitches everyone is seeing and reporting I am sure that Google is definitely busy trying to pick up the piece's, yet you would think that Google would revert back to old data centers and maps until they fully have all the kinks and bugs worked out.

Instead I guess they are expecting the general public to know all, like using classic view and every single businesses address and phone number... If that were the case then why would we even need Google????

I still can not quite get over that reply from Google.....
You would think that quality and relevant information would be their building blocks and they would continue to build that as a major trust factor and its not the case at all.
I have spoken to many people in the online advertising community and business professionals that are to be straight up honest fed up with all of Google's unreliability
and hurtful changes that has cost so many small businesses in the United States to go out of business.
It is either Google's way or no way unfortunately. They had built up all the trust and and most businesses used Google for listing there businesses, and do to all of Google's so called quality changes a lot and I mean a lot of small business have gone under simply because of changes Google has made. Its sad to even think sometimes. Most mom and pop shops do not have a big budget for advertising and rely strictly on free advertising AKA Google Local aka Google My business/ places aka What ever they change the name to next ....... I will guarantee that in the very near future you will see a huge shift in search market share Google has steadily lost more and more each year with all the BS changes and Bing has steadily gained in the search market share.. Not much but with all of the trust that Google is loosing and with all of the changes that they are making that causes way more harm than good this year alone!! It is just a matter of time till people can not take it no longer and make the switch.

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also I tried today even searching for a jeep dealer and this time even when searching and clearing all search cookies and browsing history like I always do. Google now shows me Jeep dealers in the other state next to me...... Kansas....
Went from Illinois to Kansas .... how in the world they think that Saint Louis Missouri does not have a jeep dealership when the Chrysler plant even is here is beyond me !!
yea and the thing is, most consumers won't fill out a survey explaining problems with their search results. Only seo geeks will do it, which is a pretty small number of people relative to the general google population.

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