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Mar 29, 2022
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I'm marking this as new because for years I and others (eg professor M) have been writing for a long time about the complicated duplicate-and-fuse process for claiming SABs. However (and I must credit @AndreaBerens for this), there apparently IS a way to directly generate an access request for SABs. She posted this as a casual answer in a thread where it would otehrwise remain buried.

Since I think it's fair to presume that this is not a widely known trick at all, it seems worthwhile to make a new thread to share it.

The link format is followed by the Google Place ID (which can be obtained with PlePer Local SEO tools, amongst others).

I've had the chance to test it. It seems to work (I haven't fully tested THAT one out) even when the "request access" link in maps is bugged out and generating a 403 error.
Thanks for sharing! I have marked it as NEW too so other people can find this thread

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