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Jun 28, 2012
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Last week I was alerted by consulting clients about reviews missing. Then it started hitting the Google forum hot and heavy. I just have not had time to post yet.

Google let us know over weekend they are aware and looking into it but at this point I don't know if it's a bug, the old overly strict filter turned back on or some new overly strict filter.

Here is a peek at our Google Business Forum Feed section of the forum with all the review complaints lit up. So you can see it's a much higher volume of review complaints than normal. So something is def up!


Will let you know if I find out anything.

Forgot to mention the other Google Review bug, because we've been talking about it, in another thread. But dates and scores have been missing on some reviews to.

Mike just did a weekend update at his blog last night and mentioned both issues and a couple other things, including Joel's comment here in the big Dashboard update thread.

Local Weekend Update
I have to say that I've checked out a TON of examples of business owners whining about losing reviews and 90% of the time I side with the review filter. However, recently I've come across several examples where I really can't see anything wrong with the reviews or why they've got filtered. So I vote it's a bug.
Thanks for reporting about this event.

I noticed it with 1 of my clients who lost 6 reviews and (after seeing the reports on the forums) named it a "review doomsday" It kind of ruined my Friday afternoon :mad: - It seemed to hit a lot of people. One guy lost something like 26 reviews.

I'm not sure if it's a bug or not, but (in all honesty) I suspect that it has hit G+ Profiles that showed limited activity other than a singular review. But, I'm not too sure about this :confused: - A lot of reviews have stuck but it's not an exact science.

Anyway, I hope it's a bug, and that the reviews come back.
Thanks, Linda; we started noticing this over a week ago for a number of our clients.
Sorry, Jade posted a brief update at the G forum but have not had time to let you guys know.

Reviews missing from early April 2013 - Google Groups

Just letting you know that we've found a technical issue last week with reviews where some were incorrectly taken down. We're working on fixing the issue, so sit tight!

Running to Chiro before trip. Will check in later if I can.
Just an update for everyone on my own situation. My client (that had about 6 reviews wiped on the "reviews doomsday - 5th April) has now had all of those reviews returned. As Linda posted above, Jade confirmed that it was a techical issue and that they could return....Well, for myself, they have returned :D

Let us know how you get on if your reviews dissapeared last Friday (5th April)...


Also, see the latest post from Mike Blumenthal's Blog on this issue:
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