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Sep 5, 2012
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Hi guys,

I have a new prospect ready to do a consult for. From my audit I discovered his most prominent GMB listing (the one with most reviews) was suspended (hard suspension). Due to spammy behavior.

He wants the GMB listing reinstated. I said to him, very slim due to his abuse of Googles's guidelines.

The client has a home services businesses with multiple locations duplicate fake GMB listings +10, using same phone, fake review etc..

I going to recommend we start from scratch and with a new account and new GMB listings and remove all duplicate fake GMB listings. I want the GMB profile to be really clean with no spamm to avoid getting suspended again.

Would you agree? any advice would be appreciated.
I think your strategy will be best for him in the long-run. Any connection to those properties will likely do more harm than good and getting any sort of results from them will take a lot longer than starting from scratch.

I am curious if anyone recommends cleaning up the old spam listings, though.

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