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Jun 28, 2012
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The results I'm seeing this new layout for are NOT local and they are not the carousel we are seeing for restaurants and hotels. This is something brand new.

Search for Artist Songs. David and I were just talking about Joe Cocker so let's use him.

Google: Joe Cocker songs

I'm seeing this new style carousel display:

song carousel.jpg

Then if you click a song you get a large YouTube video right in search

song carousel2.jpg

Often new updates that start in organic, eventually show up in local or a close iteration does,
so will be interesting to watch.

Hat Tip: Discovered at WebmasterWorld:
New Carousel in Google Search - Youtube videos in Bigger View

song carousel.jpg

song carousel2.jpg
Something new that rolled out to USA also appears to be global. Getting it down under too. That's *really* new -

... great taste in music too, btw...
I can just see the antitrust allegations coming for only returning Youtube video results. If this does eventually migrate to local its going to put a whole new focus on encouraging excellent customer service as customers would now be able to tell their story via video.

I do wonder though if this does to local, how Google will/would deal with cases of alleged blackmail or negative SEO against businesses by disgruntled customers and/or employees. If criminal charges are actually filed will there be a process to get such "blackmail videos" pulled? Its practically impossible to make everybody happy all the time.
Good point Daniel. I wasn't really thinking of the video aspect coming to local as much as that big carousel on top. Which I could see for local stores, highlighting products or product categories. Almost sort of like expanded site links.

Probably won't happen, it's just always interesting trying to figure out where Google is heading.

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