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Sep 12, 2012
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So we have a client with a dupe. Same NAP, everything.

I go through the process to request ownership of the dupe. It was a little difficult because Google kept showing me the main listing and not the dupe but eventually, somehow, I did get them to show me the duplicate.

The 7 days pass, I check the email that gives you permission to request verification, it makes me search my business name again only this time, it won't show me the dupe. It only shows me the main listing. So I can't claim the dupe.

I chat with Google and their advice was to, get this, create another dupe in my dashboard and verify it. When I do that, it will flag the dupe and it will be removed.

I went to Twitter and they just told me to use chat or the phone.

1) Is this really how to do this now?

2) Is there a better way to do what I did in order to actually get access to the dupe?
Hey Joshua,

If the duplicate listing is unclaimed all you need to do is contact GMB support and they will merge the duplicate. No need to verify it.

In fact they can only merge a dup if it IS unclaimed.
Right, sorry, probably left some details out.

I get duplicates removed a lot and know that Twitter is going to ask to see the duplicate unverified. I am trying to get access to it so I can unverify it.

I do have to get access to the dupe for this purpose.

Sorry I didn't give more details.

In the past I've called in and Google has just manually done it. I chatted this time and the above advice was what I was given. Which sounded like terrible advice and kind of in line with some of the other terrible advice they've given over the years.

Went to Twitter instead, they rerouted me.

Want to double check with someone who has actually done this process before and confirms it works before I do it. OR, hopefully, someone has a better way to do this.
Sounds like it's a service area business? If so, that's correct advice.
Can you share a screenshot of the email that gives you permission to request verification?
Here is the main listing:

Google Maps

Here is the dupe:

Google Maps

Here's the email:


And the next page is:


Then it tries to make me claim the main listing instead of the dupe.

You can see from the URL that the FP is the UID of the dupe yet it redirects me to the main listing for some reason:




Sounds like it's a service area business? If so, that's correct advice.

Hey Joy,

No, it's a dentist.

With this advice from them, how would they know which listing is the correct dupe to close between the actual listing and the duplicate? It seems like it would be up to their own judgment which is which? I definitely don't want that.
I would go ahead with the next page even if it appears it's sending you to the wrong listing. If that doesn't work after you finish re-verifying it, let me know.
When I go ahead with the next page it tries to get me to request access to the main listing. Request access anyway?
I would - provided you clicked the correct listing the first time when you initiated the request, this should work.
Quick question - how are you certain it's the wrong one? The names are identical, right?
I wasn't certain, but based on past experience felt confident, that it was the same one because when I had tried to get access to the main listing before, it gave me the hint of the first 2 letters of the email address "de". The listing it's trying to give me access to now has the same 2 letters "de".

Somehow, before this, I was able to maneuver around the main listing and requested access to the dupe, which started with "ma". The client couldn't figure out what email address that might have been so I requested access. After 7 days I followed the email prompts but it was trying to get me to request access to the listing with "de" again (which is the main listing) not the listing with "ma" (which is the dupe).

I went ahead and took your advice. Based on the email prompt I requested access to the listing it was trying to give me. I called the client and they gave me access through the "de" email. Sure enough, it's the main listing, not the dupe.

Now, the client changed the main listing to have the solo practitioner's name on it:

Google Maps

And the dupe is just the practice still:

Google Maps

So even with a change in name, when I go to:

Google My Business

It won't show me the dupe with the now unique name of "Magnuson Dental".

1) Why isn't the dupe showing up? It's not an SAB and address is visible.

2) I don't think I should try to create ANOTHER dupe to get the actual dupe flagged, do you?

I'm chatting w/ Google right now about this. Can you go into your dashboard and just submit a null edit on the listing?
By null edit I imagine you mean that I just change something small? Like a description?

There were some pending edits that I approved. Category and hours.

Will that work?

Are you okay if Google just merges them? They're asking me.
That's what we want!

This is the main listing:

Google Maps

Can you make sure the dupe is merged into that one? Or is Google just merging them into a brand new listing these days?

Should be all merged now! Enjoy your weekend. :D
All good! Thanks so much, Joy!

I did request access yesterday to another listing and it worked but it did it differently than I'm used to. Much more like how support asked me to go through it. Crazy.

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