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Dec 12, 2013
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This was an inadvertent test a client did for me:

I picked up a new site, and immediately found a meta no index on the site, and had it removed.

Sure enough, as we removed the No Index, the GMB gained more search volume- see the chart below.

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Interested to know as well what you mean specifically about a no follow.
So every page was no indexed.. so basically like there was no associated website to the GMB.
What was the time difference between getting the site indexed and the increase?
This does make some sense. GMB ranking is affected by the content of a website, so having a noindex tag would make it so Google (GMB) could not read the content and thus have a hrd time deciding what the site is related to. I am curious on the timing as well, also... just for fun and giggles. Add the noindex tag back and how long does it take for the rankings to decay?
The Turnaround time from removing the noindex and getting traffic back was pretty quick. Like easily within 10 days, if not 5. (A little tough to get it exact because the clients web guy didn't tell me immediately).

. .. lol- probably can't add that tag back at this point, but, go ahead and do it to one of your clients, and LMK!

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