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Oct 2, 2012
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Hi Guys,

Encountered yet another strange issue - posted a similar thread on Mikes blog, and Nyagoslav and I were having a look at this. Wondering if anyone has advice, or has experienced this.

In a scenario where a customer or client who doesn't have a Google Places page (claimed or unclaimed) creates their business listing through the new platform of Google Plus found here:

Google+ (you need to be logged in)

I did this for a client of ours, as this is supposed to be the new way to create a business. You select whether you're a local business, product or brand, company or organization etc. and then do a search by phone number to see if they have any records. If they do, you select the business and go through the process. However, after doing this AND VERIFYING the business through the new platform - when logging into the clients master Places dashboard, the new business that was created isn't listed in the dashboad - therefore no edits can be made to categories etc.

Has anyone else noticed this? Nyagoslav and I were quite stumped ...
Now I don't know for sure because I've never done it... BUT I believe if there was never a Place page, it's a new business that never had a listing and you ONLY create the G+ Business page with local set as category, then there IS no Places dashboard. I think all you have is the G+ management interface.

I believe that's the way it works and not a bug or a problem with your listing. That's the impression I've gotten and I'm pretty sure I've seen this issue discussed at the G forum.

IF that's true and if that's the way it works, then the only way to add cats would be via MM.

I'll Tweet and see if I can get any confirmation from anyone...
Well I think there are some problem posts discussions too at the G forum. But right in the main merge thread Jade says:

"New storefront businesses: (not verified on Google Places for Business) you may create a page in Google+ (under the local business/place category) and go through the verification process. Then, manage your page through the Google+ pages admin."

So I do believe what I said above is correct. No dash if you directly create in G+. But would love to hear confirmation if anyone knows for sure.
Wait a sec. I just re-read your post and picked up something I missed the 1st time.

"However, after doing this AND VERIFYING the business through the new platform - when logging into the clients master Places dashboard, the new business that was created isn't listed in the dashboad."

What do you mean by "clients master Places dashboard". You said they didn't have a Place page so how could they have a Places dashboard, if you only created the listing in +? I'm confused now...
Sorry - yes you're right. For a new business who has 1 location.

I am referring to a client who has multiple locations, some of which were claimed through places, however their new location which was made through the Google+ platform isn't available in the places dashboard.

** Edit - so yes it makes sense that you can't make changes in the places dashboard - however Google+ is extremely broken and you can't make many edits, namely, categories (which are the most important for local search). The issue is, how many average business owners know of Map Maker let alone Google Places lol
Hmmm, when you mentioned bug in title and said you and Nyag were stumped, it sounded like you thought creating in G+ would just add it to the Places dashboard but I don't see how it could.

AND even if it did put the listing in dash, which it's not designed to do - BUT if it did, once you are in G+ you aren't supposed to edit in dash. So you could not edit cats in dash anyway.

But if you are saying it's a bug that cats are missing in G+ well that's one of a few things missing that tells you it's not finished or well thought through or quite ready for prime time.

Plus as I've been saying for awhile I think the ability for us to select our own cats could be going away anyway. See last few posts by Andrew (Mapmaker RER) and I in this thread.
Custom VS Default Categories
At the moment you still need to make a Places entry to get a Google+ page showing in a normal search and to get the blue Write a Review button.

If you do try to merge the +Local Business page with the Google+ page and succeed you will se an additional red Follow button on the search result Google+ page.

If you have a single location and no history of duplicates, check you have none now then the merge should work. I see plenty of red Follow buttons on the forum.

Certainly do not attempt a merge if you have more than one Places entry. The programmer has not been told how to cope with duplicates or multiple-entries.

People have merged service area businesses but that is a definite risk, but it worked for me. Bloke, read the manual afterwards.

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