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Apr 10, 2018
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Thought I would run this by the local gurus everywhere. I've been doing local SEO for 6+ years for everything from single location to enterprise businesses and am really stumped (frustrated) about not being able to get a local business to appear with a local listing for the core head-term that their business provides services for - "cryotherapy".

They rank #1 with an organic listing, but their only competitor in town seems to have a monopoly on the local local result and dominates search results with the local knowledge panel (especially on mobile). I feel like it may have something to do with not having the exact match term in their business name, while their competitor does.

The business I'm trying to help show up with a local result is "Bend Cryo & Recovery" and their competitor is "Forever Free Cryotherapy". Bend Cryo & Recovery doesn't even show up when you do the non-brand search in maps. It's like Google interprets "cryotherapy" to be a branded term for the competition. The GMB profile is complete, and a direct business name search results in the local knowledge panel. They have a few reviews, have had a GMB listing for about 5 months now, have Yelp, Facebook, Insta, MozLocal Citations, local external links, etc...

I'm at loss as to why Google won't display them as a local result for "cryotherapy". We're currently working on trying to get more reviews in hopes that might help. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Hi, i just search it on Google, and i think it shows what is your business.

Captura de pantalla 2019-07-16 a las 9.42.16 a.m..png

What it could happened is that competitor have a good local search, and as you are searching that term in the same area of him, thats why maybe it show the other. His business name use the term "Cryotherapy" so when you search with that term it activate his KP. (Notice he has more reviews).

I have a similar problem with two of my listings that it would only activate one of the KP business. What i did basically is being patience and keep on working. As soon i started to have more reviews, and work on the listing after a couple of months it started to activate correct the KP (Brand term) and for keywords search it started to shown in the three pack.
So knowing that your business its actually activate, what i would recommend is to keep working on the listing and be patience Google sometimes takes his time.
@Belen C nailed it. Having "cryotherapy" in their name is helping give them that boost. I also noticed that their primary category is "Wellness Center". It's possible that Google matches crynotherapy with that category closer than what you are using "Sports Medicine Clinic". At the very least make sure you have wellness center as an additional GMB category.

I'd also look through other markets to see what GMB categories are being used and make sure you are using them too.
One other thing I would do is add their NAP sitewide.
Need to get the local algorithm to 'see' your business as a choice for that keyword. Get 'Cryotherapy' into your business name and it will probably do the trick. However, don't really want to break the rules and get the listing suspended.

So, just being creative here...I don't see any signage for Bend Cryo & Recovery from the outside (just did a quick look on streetview). Get them to put up a sign on the door that says 'Bend Cryotherapy & Recovery'. Take a picture & upload it to the GMB. Then adjust the GMB name to match.

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