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Jul 27, 2012
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I have been asked to set up a website for the US based owner of my UK client. With all the current furore here in the UK over Privacy Policy/Data Protection, Cookies and Terms of Use/Intellectual Property Rights, is there a standard US version of these that I can put on the site?

I know there are some Wordpress plugins for Adsense affiliate sites but want to be sure that any such pages would offer some protection to a bricks and mortar business.

Thank you in advance.
For the most part, North America so far has avoided the "cookie hysteria" that seems to have gripped Europe but Privacy Policy statements are recommended and in some cases required.

See Privacy and Security | and Government cookie policy guidance and op-out instructions | for an example from a US government site of how they handle the issue.

For commercial sites, usually there should also be a statement about funding for the site and any links to commercial organizations or corporations that might conceivably be seen to affect the impartiality of the site content.

See also (acrobat format) for general information on what your privacy policy pages should contain.

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