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Aug 7, 2014
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I have a google+ local business page that is not showing up on google maps by searching under the category that the page is created for which is Osteopath (search: osteopath near New Lynn, Auckland, New Zealand), even when I search the under the extact address. Yet if I search for under osteopaths (search: osteopaths near New Lynn, Auckland, New Zealand) ie with an s, it comes up first, and also show up when searching surrounding suburbs.

The category is: Osteopath
Business name is: Harmony Osteopaths
website: Osteopath, Harmony Osteopaths - West Auckland, New Lynn
google+ page:

Any help with showing up under searchs for the category would be greatly appreciated

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Hi Richard,

I moved your post to the help section since you posted a specific link to the business.

My first thought for the ranking for osteopaths could be partially connected to the Business Name and website URL which both have it in plural form.
Welcome Richard,

I?m seeing several business names using the same phone and address. Is this the Auckland West Natural Health Clinic in which several businesses are in the same building using the same number? Your phone number 021 0237 7472 is showing other business names: New Lynn Osteopaths (active website), Nest Consulting (Active Website and a G+ brand page) and also pulls up Auckland West Natural Health Clinic. Looking at your website I see that you are operating from New Lynn Osteopathic and Natural Health Clinic. Google might be confused over this. Also, along with what Colan said, You?re site is written for the Plural ?Osteopaths?. Looking at your GMB page introduction you mention a variation of the word "Osteopath" 4 times. Might want to ease up on the use of the keywords. Hope that helps.
Thank you for your replies,
Yes there are different businesses operating out of the one address that share a phone number.
This seems like a silly question, but if google is confused over this, is there anything that can be done?

I agree that the plural osteopaths would be ranking higher, because it is in the company name, title and URL etc. but I wasn't expecting it to seem so invisible to the word osteopath.
I will edit the front page so it only includes osteopaths and osteopath, not other variations on the word

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