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Nov 2, 2015
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I couldn't find an answer to my question on the forum.

I want my site to show up for Ironing Auckland and Laundry Auckland, but the word ironing and laundry aren't in the business name: easy lifestyle.

The website is
Google plus is:

when I search for ironing on easy lifestyle doesn't show up

Thanks in advance
Yes I did thanks,

I removed the extra keywords in the name like you said and then I found a way to merge the two pages. Thanks for making me think of it.

The question still remains. How do I come up for the keyword ironing in the google maps search results?
Hi easylifestyle

You're currently showing at number 9 when I search for "ironing auckland" (without quotes).

I'm curious about your opening hours though - are you in fact answering the phone 24 hours a day? Because if not, then I recommend changing the hours to times when you (or staff) are in fact answering the phone.
A couple of things that jumped out at me:
  • 404's and is indexed by Google. May need to add this to your robots.txt or smash it in GSC. Looks like the page is actually gone now (not seeing it in the sitemap).

I'd also remove these pages as they're not adding anything to your efforts (I would no-index all these pages with Yoast):

These pages don't add anything to the site, I would no-index these as well:

No More Laundry Or Ironing - easy lifestyle
  • this is your strongest page (aside from index) for 'ironing', I would make the above changes and see if your rankings change and then optimize this page.

Hope this helps!
Also curious why Google has your index page indexed twice:
Moved out of general discussions into "Help & Support" which is where posts for help on a specific listing need to be posted.

Thanks for understanding as we try to keep the forum organized for all.

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