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Oct 19, 2016
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I have a client that operates a "flightseeing" tour - N2 Alaska or There was great difficulty in getting the business verified but that finally happened on January 12th.

There is not a storefront, which was part of the problem of getting the business verified but "I deliver goods and services to my customers at their location" was checked, so there's not a specific address, only an area with Talkeetna AK at the center.

The problem is that this business is not showing in the map results at all in a search for "talkeetna flightseeing tours". I thought it might just be that it needed some time, but it's been five months since it was verified.

It's important to note that I'm not asking for advice about how to get this business to the top of the search results, my only concern is that it's not available at all, not even at the bottom of the results. It has sufficient citations, link strength, reviews, etc to at least be in the results, even if it were at the bottom.

Would you have any suggestions about how to get this to appear in the map search results, even if it's at the bottom of those results? We can work on it from there, but it needs to appear somewhere first.

I'd be grateful for any help you could offer.
Hi Alan,

Not sure if this will be good news or confusing news, but I'm seeing you fine.
N2 alaska.JPG

That was with my search location set to the city in question. You're also showing up for me when I have my location set in Portland. Are you still not seeing it on your end?

N2 alaska.JPG
Thank you! I'm seeing the same results here too. I can't believe it! That was not there yesterday when I posted this problem - I guess it just took time. What a major step forward! Thanks again for pointing that out. A major problem for me has come to an end.
Sometimes it's like Schroedinger's cat maybe. You just have to have someone else peak in the box and things resolve. Glad I could give you some good news! New businesses really do take a while to get established in local search though, 5 months might sound unreasonable, but I've seen it before if it's a 100% new business with no prior footprint at all.
I know what you mean. This was not a new business, but we had a very difficult time getting it verified - which is a lengthy story of woe. Once it was verified, i expected to see it in the search results sooner than this, but I guess I need to learn to be more patient!

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