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Sep 16, 2013
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I have a client that just opened a 2nd location (plano) 2-3 months ago for his BMW repair shop. His 1st location (dallas) shows up just fine on Google maps and organically.

The issue is when you search "bmw repair plano" he's pulling up organically already. However, if you go to Google Maps, he is nowhere to be seen.

Google Maps search:,-96.8753771,11z/data=!3m1!4b1

You'll see he has a separate phone number and address for the 2nd location.
BMW Repair Plano, TX - Service, Maintenance - Bimmers Only

GMB page:

Am I missing something? Why would he not be listed here yet?
Hi Ben,

Local moves pretty slowly, I would have expected it to be showing up after 2~3 months, but it might just be taking its time. I did a little digging, citations look good (I found (972) 422-0345 as a phone number scattered here and there, but it's good overall) you're actually located in Plano, your organic is looking great obviously, on page looks fine (add schema though) the only thing I could see that might be causing secret, back end problems is the closed listing at the same address. It's marked closed so it should be fine, but if Joy sees this, maybe she'll see something in it that I don't.

Here's the closed listing for what it's worth, but like I said, pointing it out might be a red herring, it might be totally fine the way it is.
It looks like the Local Finder is one of the locked-down types I've been seeing more lately. Basically instead of pages and pages of results, like normal, it shows just a few. In this case, I counted 9. Because they are somewhat of a new phenomenon I don't how exactly to break into them, but for the ones I have been tracking, they have literally stayed the same for several weeks and no one has dropped in or out of them.

The worst case I'm tracking is for "locksmith boulder" which literally only has 4 locksmiths and has been this way for at least a month.

I know years ago we used to observe that Google "refreshed" the local index several times a year (not often) and it's been much harder to track in the last couple years but I assume that this still happens and most likely whenever it happens, these locked-up local finder results should hopefully refresh. So far, none of the ones I'm tracking have changed but it's only been several weeks since we started observing them.

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