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Apr 12, 2021
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Hello, I have a question about the content for location pages.

How they should create the content for the "Bed Bug Exterminator + city" service.

I sent to create content, but this person from the other continent and his team generated content of more than 2000 words. I think they are more like long articles or word stuffing than pages with transactional intent. Within the content they add points of interest, but who is going to want to read that length of words.
For a page on Bed Bug Extermination targeting a specific city I would focus on adding content around topics/questions people are likely to search if they have bed bugs or are concerned they may have bed bugs. Try to relate the content back to the city however you can, mentioning specific types of housing they have in that city, data specific to the number of bed bug outbreaks that have happened in the city, the number of bed bud treatments your company has done in that city etc.

I would focus on these types of questions and again link them back to the city as best you can:
  • how to identify if you have bed bugs
    • add stats on the number of bed bug infestations in the city
  • how to prevent bed bugs from happening in the first place
    • be specific about the types of housing in this city and give tips specific to that housing type - multifamily, single family, apartments etc
  • what bed bugs look like
    • use your own unique photos taken in the city for this
  • techniques your technicians use to get rid of bed bugs
    • mention technicians who live in that city
    • mention any nuances that make treatment different in the city compared to other cities/locations
  • how long it takes to get rid of bed bugs
    • average out your own job data to get this
    • maybe the weather tends to be bad in this city which makes the jobs in the city take longer than other locations or something
  • how much it costs to get rid of bed bugs
    • city average vs your own pricing
that alone could be 2,000+ words easy. If you are worried about a "wall of text" I would break this up with headers, bulleted lists, and jump links to help users navigate to the specific content they are interested in reading.

Additionally, I would add unique photos and videos to the page to help break up the wall of words. I would avoid stock photos at all costs, they provide 0 SEO value and users are really good at knowing stock vs unique photos. Finally, infographics are a great way to break up walls of content and provide information to users in an easy to digest way.

I wrote about this extensively here How to Create Unique and Helpful Service Area Pages for Local Businesses - Sterling Sky Inc

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