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Jul 19, 2012
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Google just announced some changes coming to GMB Insights in October. According to this Google My Business help center article titled Changes to your Insights data:

Business Profile Performance reporting is moving closer to your profile on Search and Maps. You’ll be able to access more of the core profile metrics directly from your Business Profile. We start with interactions to let you know how often people have contacted you. More metrics will follow over the next months and will include detailed reports about searches and the number of people who saw the profile.

After metrics are added to Performance reporting, the older versions of those metrics will eventually be removed from the Google My Business web and app platforms.

Performance reporting is currently available on Search and will soon be available on Maps.

Data will be available for up to 6 months. You’ll be able to review your performance by selecting custom time frames, with interaction metrics updated daily and other metrics updated monthly.

This appears to be the official announcement of GMB adding performance metrics to the direct edit experience that we wrote about in August 2020.
Seems like it was added a bit ago unless I am misunderstanding?
@rustybrick Yes and it is now being pushed live to dashboards. They announced that this was coming a while ago.
Do you actually see them, the directions and website clicks in the new performance reports? I am not.
I do yes. It's a slow roll out as usual.
website clicks insights.jpg

directions insights.jpg

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