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Dec 24, 2023
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Came up against a new one, for this location combined with "plumber" the top spot is a story about a tragedy involving a local plumber, i.e. "Mayaro Plumber" on google. How do you deal with this nature of thing? Thank you.
Is this happening for a branded search?

No sir. Just location. In this case "Mayaro" (small beach town) and "Plumber" SERPs return crime story, i.e. plumber in Mayaro meeting a tragic end. Just at a loss for how one would even approach this?
The good news is that the article at the top from blackfacts has no links pointing to it. So if you create some posts with the keyword in it, you should be able to outrank it even if you had just a couple links pointing to your content.

Actually, none of the results in the first 10 spots have any links pointing back (according to ahrefs).

The bad news? This forum post is ranking in #2 :)
Maybe an admin can modify the original post and just XXXX your keyword phrase that you're going after.

It's great that the forum posts get picked up in Google for others to learn, but hurts a little in a case like yours.

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