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I guess it would be too easy to manipulate otherwise. I've never thought of manipulating CTR as a thing until the past 6 months or so but now I'm starting to wonder if they do something similar in AdWords.
My battle testing shows me this:

if you fail to get a live body with a smartphone in their hands (that's connected to a real Google account) to interact with your Google+ listing.. you ain't goin nowhere with your business Google ranking

Your business is running for election.. and anyone with a smartphone is YOUR ELECTORATE.. you improve your situation by a smartphone wielding consumers good graces
if you fail to get a live body with a smartphone in their hands (that's connected to a real Google account) to interact with your Google+ listing..

This is interesting. Have you seen a trend on type of business this applies to or is it across the board?

Also, I have to think interaction, while it may be weighted slightly differently in each case, is all that matters - whether that's smart phone, desktop, tablet, whatever. Have you seen otherwise?
interaction was exactly what I meant

let's say you run a local shop.. you offer "left handed sky hooks" in Rockville MD
and let's say someone, a potential customer, is driving, they're at a traffic light (as a passenger, not the driver LOL ) and they search for "left handed skyhooks" from their android phone...
the light is still red... this hypothetical person observes 3 choices listed in a 7 pack
they select #3 (or B) from the available choices...
the drill down for further info.. they're liking what they see... they then click Directions
(even if the GPS is not turned on... a fix can be obtained by which cell phone repeater tower that phone is uploading to)

Then they drive from where ever they are in said hypothetical town TO your Left Handed Sky Hook shop

the GPS knows the following:
they know that phone has been from one end of this county to the other, that smartphone has "Google Authority" in that the stuff found on it's stream is "county centric".. the majority of stuff in this person's stream is about that county, from that county and the folks who tend to interact with this hypothetical person are also from, by and about this fictional county..

So that person shows up at your physical address and they buy something.. they're pleased with what they purchased and pleased with your customer service

now if this person leaves you a Google Review.. in practical terms you need this client MORE than this client needs you

in my not so humble opinion

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