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Dec 1, 2013
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There is an unverified "spammy" listing ranking in local results. It belongs to me.

The company name listed in the company field is the domain URL such as
"", the address listed is to another business unrelated to this one, and a real phone number.

There is a "real" google+ page for this business with authentic address, same website url and the same phone as the "spammy" listing. This one does not rank now, but at one time both listings were displaying at the same time. Both displayed the same URL and phone, each has its own google plus page.

The "real" listing is not ranking, but it is active.

This spammy listing had disappeared for over year and then showed up out of nowhere earlier this year.

The "spammy" listing was created back in 2009 by a service provider from the WF, before postcard verification. I had hired this provider to rank my local business and he did, although he did it violating the TOS. I do my own SEO stuff now, after getting hooked on it at the WF.

Do I delete through the "edit" function on google maps? I worry that it will hurt the real listing, what reason should I choose if I do? Duplicate or does not exist?

Thanks for taking the time to reply. I jsut folowed the advice in the article for two deletions.

I will update this thread with results.


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