Linda Buquet

Jun 28, 2012
Ok so this is too funny. (In a sad kinda way...)

I was researching something. Don't even remember how I landed on this one. Saw the KW stuffed name:

"A Magic Moment Photography and Video - Wedding Photographer, Videography, Wedding Photography, Photographer, Photography, Wedding Video, Video Productions, Wedding Album, Bar Mitzvah"

Yes that was ALL in the business name field! Can you spell V I O L A T I O N?

So then I went to street view see location.


So the location of the A map marker proves it!
This is a GARBAGE listing! LOL! :rolleyes: :p

Really surprised the algo still lets listings like that go live. You'd think there would at least be a limit to how many characters are allowed in the name field. I doubt there is any legit business name that's as long as the one above.

Here's a direct link if anyone wants to see it or has time to report it.


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