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Nov 8, 2012
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I am wondering if it is too much to have a local map with the NAP next to it and then having the NAP again in the footer area. I am worried this could be looked at as spam by Google in some way because every page has the map with the NAP next to it then the NAP again in the footer.

If this is ok should both NAP listings have schema markup or just the one?


That's totally fine. Most websites that have NAP info on the page at all seem to have the NAP info in more than one place. If you had it in 10 places on each page, maybe. NAP just isn't one of those on-page factors that people constantly try to manipulate (e.g. title tags, H1s, anchor text, fat footers, etc.). So definitely feel free to put the NAP on each page twice.

It makes also sense from a usability standpoint to do this. Anyone visiting your site will want the vital info right at the top, without having to comb any text for it, AND they want it visible once they've scrolled down and finished reading the spellbinding material on each of your pages.
Thanks for the input Phil, that was what I thought but always better to be safe when it comes to Google.
I agree with Phil. We do this for many, if not all of our clients and it works quite well.

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