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Sep 26, 2017
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[FONT=q_serif]In my opinion, it can be a little easier to rank for local related keywords with low search volume. Therefore, what I have seen work pretty much instantly is on-page optimization utilizing targeted keywords in a natural way and then adding valuable content to your targeted page is one of the most effective ways in terms of quick rankings.
When adding content to the targeted page based on user intent behind the keywords your trying to rank for, the content needs to be better than your competitors.

Here is how you can make it better. Use SEMRush’s On-Page Checker and SEO Content Template.

Step 1. Get a SEMRush account if you don’t have one, best SEM tool out there!

Step 2. Go to the SEO Content Template section and type in your targeted keywords, this report will show you how many keywords your competitors are using to rank for that keyword on the page that is ranking, what links you need to build for that page, header and title strategies, and much more.

Step 3. After you write your content, place SEO elements on the website’s page, use the On-Page Checker in SEMRush to see how your content compares to your competitors at this point. The cool thing about the on-page checker it will give you a grade, so you may need to make some adjustments from there.

Step 4. After completing step 3, submit page to be fetched and rendered by Google so that Google crawls the page and indexes your new changes quickly.

We have literally seen a page go from not ranking to the 1st page in a day by doing this. This will NOT always happen, but is a great start. Keywords have different competition levels, so more effort will most likely be needed. Then you have to focus on these other local SEO ranking factors to get the needle moving further.

Has anyone else witness the power of quality on-page optimization?

Lamar Hull

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