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If you added the embed code into the footer then essentially it will show on every page. I highly recommend adding the embed code to location pages or direction page. Adding the map to every single page could hurt because it probably won't be relevant to every single post or page.
Additionally, it will slow down page load speeds on every page of your site - one reason for NOT having it on your home page for mobile visitors. I tested this when one of my clients wanted to do this and it added a good 3-4 seconds IIRC.
Also for Google Posts I highly recommend looking through this article How to Create a Google My Business Post That Will Win You More Customers - BrightLocal

Hey @Jeffrey, thank you very much for this link, it is very helpful and have added it's instructions to my tutorial.

Only one thing I am confused with from the article:

Show off your 5-star reviews with Small Thanks with Google ??????

I am not understanding that part, does it mean to link to the google reviews page?

Also guys, last issue based on that guy's SEO video, he mentions "using crowd to send traffic to the site", I am thinking this might be sending artificial traffic to a site so would not have any real value far as getting your targeted audience, what do you guys recommend please?
Thanks, I did not take everything from that video, I filtered out what I think should be useful and is why I inquired here about the stuff which I find questionable.
Thanks. It's going good Jeffrey, I appreciate all of the help from you guys here. I am anxiously looking forward to the Webinar Joy has referred me to to see how much more I can learn and try out on my sites.
Does GMB posts help indexing a new website? Or it makes no difference?

@Belen C I haven't seen that doing posts helps index a new website. Tried it with a couple of clients recently.

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