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Aug 21, 2017
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Hello all,

Wondering if anyone has seen this option when someone requests access to your listing:


Normally, the options would be 'Grant Ownership' and 'Reject Request', but some requests seem to give us no options.

And Relinquish Ownership seems exactly the same as Grant Ownership, IMO!

Weird! :eek:
What country is this business located in? And is it an SAB?

The verbiage under "Relinquish ownership" actually sounds contradictory:

The person above will not be given access to your listing, but they will take ownership of this location on Google Search and Maps...

Huh??? To an average user, that sounds akin to saying, "I'm giving you this fruit basket as a gift, but you will not be able to partake of it." However, perhaps this is more evidence of the trail @NiQ was onto back in this thread regarding understanding roles in GMB: Verbiage on Unclaimed GMB pages: "Own this business?" (KP) / "Claim this business" (Maps) vs. "Manage this listing" - Local Search Forum. The use of "listing: vs. "location" is also interesting. So I don't have a solid conclusion regarding this, but just trying to process it out in the open in case others have contributing thoughts.
Very poorly worded. I can not make sense of the second option either.
Yeah, they both need a rewrite;
1) Grant Ownership - you will transfer ownership to the person, but you'll still be a manager and able to make updates
2) Relinquish Ownership - the new person will be the owner, and your affiliation with the account will be removed

Definitely needs a rewrite for clearer information.

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