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Aug 15, 2013
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OK, So I realize we can manage and even "own" multiple Local Pages under a single G+ profile. However, technically; isn't the "owner" of the Page supposed to be the "owner" of the business it represents?

For example: lets say I have a new client with no Local Page and they want me set establish one for them. What's the best practice (assuming the client desires a hands-off approach)? Set it up under my G+ Profile - in which case I would appear as owner of the page? Or, set it up on behalf of the client under their G+ Profile?


Strongly recommend option #2. So if you ever part ways OR if they suddenly decide they want to get active and start posting or managing circles you can just give them the password. It is their page after all.

But you do realize you should not be setting up G+ pages at all right now right? You also don't need to set up a profile. Just set up a new listing in Places for Business in a new account. Then wait for the big update Google is doing. In case you were unaware they are upgrading all Place pages to G+ pages and that's why they suggest waiting and not creating one right now.
Hi Linda, thanks for confirming what I suspected (i.e. door #2).

Yep. I am aware of the hang-tight approach for now ;-) I was just reviewing some accounts which had been setup last year. Thanks for the reminder though!


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