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Jul 22, 2013
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Maybe that should be my "one-line best advice for Local search".
This is a bit bewildering to me as to why, and also wanted to share this for anyone who loses faith in maps edits -

edit.jpeg - Margarets_Files's library
(Sorry not to post image, the uploader doesn't seem to like any image I try to post here for some reason :confused:)
Today is March 27th and I received this email overnight from google, approving and edit I received overnight. Look at the date I sent the edit request - September 10.
That's just over 6 months ago.
And to be clear, the edit was a very simple one - spammy listing with fake business name. It was one of a large batch of spammy listings I reported over a few days. Most were actioned within a couple of weeks (some declined so they had to be objected - clearly someone not bothering to check/read reasons for edit).

I'm not having a whinge (gripe), it's more this has me baffled. Why would a huge batch get processed and this one pop up out of nowhere?

Does the G maps team get suspicious if you put through a big batch of spam reports in one go? Is there an overflow thing going on (getting so many change requests the overflow goes into another queue to get processed eventually)?
I'm really curious as to how such a long delay happens.
Maybe it happens a lot more than I realise? Normally edits seem to get processed within a few weeks, not six months or more. Seems strange to me, wondering if I've been incredibly lucky and this is to be expected.
Funny you should bring this up Margaret. I received an edit review notification yesterday from an edit I submitted in early 2014 :eek:
I'm curious as to if there are any similarities in between your two cases that could shed more light on why it took so long for these changes to be addressed.
I had one too. Edited Sept. Got email March 12th.

Your edit to Los Angeles Personal Injury Attorney has been published. You can view the updated information here.

Thank you for improving Google Maps! Your insights make it a better, more useful map for everyone.

Los Angeles Personal Injury Attorney
2055 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA, Usa

Your edit

Name: Los Angeles Personal Injury Attorney
Fake name in violation of GMB guidelines. Real name is Law Offices of Robert A. B r e n n e r - But he already has 3 other listings so this is a dupe. (Spaces added to name so it won't come up in search.)

Place is permanently closed.

Your comment:

I'm a Google Business TC. This listing is spam and violates several GMB guidelines and has been reported multiple times. 1) Fake KW stuffed name 2) Duplicate - he already has 3 other listings. 3) Since address is hidden I'm assuming bogus location - virtual office or Regus. 4) Does not link directly to his site but to a general search result on a high authority directory. Should be removed.

Edited on Sep 28, 2014 ? Published

However I 'think' this one was taken care of long ago. I posted about it at the time but don't remember if I updated post every time I noticed a change. Need to find and read it tomorrow.

So I'm wondering if maybe there was just a delay with the edit emails going out?
I had a few from 2014 go through yesterday too. I think there was a back-log and they finally took care of it.

Depending on how the listing was "Born" (GMB, Maps, Auto-Bot) the edits go through in different time spans. Some edits go right away, some have to be reviewed, and sometimes in certain cases they're automatically denied. I'm not experienced enough to know how to tell, but maybe someone who is can explain :D

Another thing I'm seeing lately is the edit saying "Denied" but the changes going through. The only reason I can think of is the LE didn't like the reason. I now always put "Correcting Poor Data" instead of the spam one, as those seem to get denied but changed anyways more often... it would be nice if they left a reason other than "Has wrong information". I'm happy to see more edits going through lately though!!! :)

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