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Jul 19, 2012
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Hi Folks,

Anyone else seeing this symbol appearing as a photo on places listings -

photo errors.jpg

I've seen it for two industries so far.

photo errors.jpg
Hey guys, Mike and I reported this to Google this AM. I was out of the office later so didn't have time to post but Jade confirmed bug and started a thread at the Google forum.

If you are having image problems like one Colan showed above,
please post in this thread to help Google investigate.
Jade emailed this AM to let us know the problem was fixed.

I just finally had a moment to double check the examples in the Google thread and yep - they look fine.

Thanks Google and Jade! :)
Just doublechecking. See my post from Saturday above.

Everyone's photos are OK now right?
So far so good. Thanks for looking into this Linda!

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