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Jul 17, 2013
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I have been scouring this forum lately to figure out why my ranking has tanked. I did move my address without changing nap first and that may take 3-6 months to recover. However I am not certain that is the problem. I saw a tip about looking your business up in adwords express and I thought I would check that. I have 3 different locations in 3 cities however each location actually shows two listings. Not sure if I understand what this means if anyone could give insight, I would be very grateful. Here is a screenshot


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Re: possible dupe

Hi valesence,

Can you clarify what you mean by "I did move my address without changing nap first and that may take 3-6 months to recover."

Since you already posted a screenshot of the three different locations, why don't you post a link to the specific G+ Local page that you need help with and I can move the thread to the help section to get better visibility.
Re: possible dupe

Hey, so is 2250 Notre Dame Blvd, Chico, CA your old address?

Here's the two listings for Chico:,-95.677068&sspn=115.476228,270.527344&hq=(530)+345-3330&t=m&z=13

2250 is marked closed and that is the correct way to deal with a move.

So as long as 2250 is your old location and you have control of - then you should be ok.
Re: possible dupe

yes 2250 is my old address. So you see no issues?

I don't see any issues in regards to a duplicate situation. Technically the 2250 G+ Local page is not a duplicate, but it is just a listing for a previous address that's correctly marked closed. So as far as that goes I think you are good.

Question though, is the listing in your Google Places Dashboard for Chico updated to the current address and synced up with the correct G+ Local page with the current address?
Re: possible dupe

well, this is what happened. New address was listed in places dashboard for 6mo as pending. Called google to fix. They moved me to a google+ I fell off my serp listings on all keywords. I found out that google+ was not the right thing to do. Switched back to places but i am not sure if it took affect. That is the limbo I am in.
Re: possible dupe

Sounds like you are still in the old style Google Places dashboard. Google is in the process of updating all dashboards to the new one. When that happens you will be able to upgrade your page within that dashboard. Hang in there.

I doubt the upgrade to G+ was the reason for the ranking drop. It was most likely due to the address change.
that may be possible however, at the same time they also had me convert my oroville location to google plus which I left alone at this point. I am not even in the local serps for that location even when searching modern carpet cleaning oroville.
Not 100% sure what you mean. A places listing and a G+ Local page are essentially the same thing. Google Places is the name of the back-end dashboard where edits are made and the G+ Local page is the live listing that the consumer interacts with.

Not sure if that is altogether accurate. before my listing was changed to google plus I would always change it in places dashboard and it would show up as a places listing. after the change all updates were done right on the plus page dashboard. but google is changing so much that it could be a hybrid of that now. I really don't know, just sharing my experience.
quick update: Searched my keyphrases today and I bounced back up to my original positioning. So apparently it just took a while for google to index the changes. Looks like about 2 weeks for anyone else that is in the same scenario.

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