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Jul 26, 2012
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Do you see a lot of "pending" info on a GMB listing, but without Google's proposing specific updates?

Here's a screenshot that shows what I mean.


It's a bricks-and-mortar business, in a bricks-and-mortar category, yet Google slapped "pending" on the service-area field.

The listing is live (and doing well), and has been for months. It's not soft-suspended, nor has Google overwritten any of the correct info on the live listing. Only in the GMB dashboard.

Also "pending" are the phone number, site URL, and description (not in the screenshot).

What I find most interesting is the proposed site URL is "http," even though the site had an SSL certificate from the very beginning, and we entered only the "HTTPS" version of the URL when we created the GMB page. The citations are squeaky-clean, partly because we started working on them before the business even opened, so conflicting third-party data isn't a likely explanation.

Unlike Google's typical auto-updates (proposed or accepted), these changes aren't in orange letters. Google doesn't even offer its "suggested" version.

Weird, huh?
Every update I have made to our GMB locations for several weeks now goes into Pending status. They seem to resolve quickly but odd nonetheless.

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