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Feb 22, 2021
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We have a client who offered only electrical repair and installation service. Now, they have included more services, including HVAC and Plumbing Services as well, and are currently undergoing a rebranding. Since they are expanding their services, we need suggestions on what we should set as their primary category in GBP. Following are the relevant GBP categories we have identified for them, along with their national search volumes.
HVAC Contractor74,000
Air conditioning repair service18,100
Air conditioning contractor12,100
Heating Contractor9,900
Drainage Service4,400
Electrical Repair Shop3,600
Furnace repair service3,600
Lighting Contractor1,900
Electrical Installation Service1,600
I would most likely go with whatever category represents their bread and butter service. Another consideration I would factor in is what service has the most competition. That would add another reason to use that service as the primary category. It's easier to compete on your secondary categories if the competition is lower.

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