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Sep 21, 2017
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I see from reading other posts that other people have had problems with phone verification trying to register with

Most of the problems seem to be with not receiving a phone call at all, but I actually receive an automated call with a four digit code, but when I enter the code into iBegin's website I ALWAYS get the message "Invalid code entered - please try again".

I am based in the UK and have been trying for several weeks to get a lisitng on and have tried using both a landline and mobile number for phone verification but the code is never accepted.

I have left several messages for iBegin using the messaging system on their website and trying to contact via Facebook & Twitter but I have never received a response.

Does anyone know of a UK phone number that I could use to make contact ?

Has anyone else been able to complete the phone verification process for iBegin in the UK ?

Any help would be appreciated.
I was just having the exact same issue, i get the phone call from iBegin, but when i input the code into their website it says its the wrong code.

Ive contacted Sam Grant at iBegin today, ill let you know if i hear anything
Thanks for the reply.

Have you had any response from Sam Grant (or anyone else at iBegin) yet ?

How did you manage to contact iBegin ?

I was unable to find a support phone number and they do not seem to respond to other types of communication.
Did you ever get a reply from ?

I managed to find Sam Grant's e-mail address but did not receive a reply from him.

Not sure how to overcome the phone verification problem now - anyone else got any suggestions ?
No never heard back from him, i get quite a few newsletters from ibegin but cant seem to make direct contact. I might try having another look around and see if i can find another contact email for them perhaps by looking at their who is.
It's still not working unfortunately.

If you guys want to try to look for their parent company or check their WHOIS info, that would be some other great options.

Typically, we do this outreach for Local Listing Ninja, but we've been swamped so I haven't had the time.

Good luck and report back if you get anything!
I never even got the phone call! Interested to know if you get anywhere with the e-mail address!
Timely reply.

Phone verified 2 listings today.

Anyone else get it to work?
Still not working for me and I have still not received a reply from

Tried contacting (contact email from whois lookup for but no response from there either.
I tried again today and got the "You have to wait 60 seconds before trying again to call".

Hi all,

My agency has experienced similar problems with iBegin. However, we are always able to send the code. The issue that we get is that the listing continually loops and never actually verifies.

We have stopped using it all together, even though it is highly rated.

What a shame!
What's weird is every time someone posts on this thread, it's a day where I was able to verify a listing with ibegin.

I verified another one today.

The last time I verified one? The last time I posted on this thread in response to someone saying they couldn't get it working.

Weird, Twilight Zone stuff.

Anyways, today I was able to do with it a listing that was already there and I had to claim it. Maybe it only works with claimed listings? I'll be looking more into it.

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