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Mar 28, 2024
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Has anyone else seen their GBP posts deleted? I have 2 clients (that i noticed so far) where all their posts have been deleted. Not violating any rules or policies, they just deleted them all, but I didn't notice until I went in to make a post. Just wondered if anyone else noticed?

I tried emailing to see if it was a big but I got a rely saying they "didn't understand my request" HAHA
How old were the posts? Posts more than 6 months old get archived unless a date range is specified, so this could be the issue.

They were all within 6 months. Thats why I was confused. Maybe only 1 or 2 months old to current dates and all were delteted
Maybe an owner/manger on the account deleted them without you knowing? Were they two separate clients, or maybe someone with access to both listings went in and deleted them?
We just saw this too. Super odd. Google sent email about deleting posts but they are posts from 3 years ago. They are actually against guidelines (phone number in the post) so maybe Google is doing some sort of sweep on these?

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