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Feb 7, 2013
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Oftentimes, prompts to update a Places/Plus listing show up in the backend dashboard. Today, I came across such a prompt that showed up on the live listing while logged into the account that controlled the listing. It's not a huge deal -- just something different than I've seen.

Review Prompt 5-9-14.jpg

Upon clicking on the prompt, I was brought to the Google+ dashboard where the yellow banner we're all accustomed to seeing ("Please review your information") now displayed. This listing has existed for several months.

Review Prompt 5-9-14.jpg
Thanks for sharing Kerry, that's a new one on me too.
(Showing on live page and going to G+ dash.)

But I think it's a good thing Google is working on pushing users to check and clean up their listings.

Maybe we should go back to poking once a month as a routine just to show Google the listing is up-to-date. My guess is listings that have had recent edits don't get the warning.
I have not seen that before. Thanks for sharing.

And I agree with Linda. It's always a good idea to check all your listings at least once a month to ensure they're still accurate.
I've seen a lot of shaking up with the Google Places / Google + connections.
As Scott said, just checking in every couple of weeks is always a good practice.

Its actually great that Google is letting us know when they see issues, that way we know whats wrong with the listing!

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