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Aug 10, 2015
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Hi All, new to the forum, in fact my first post :)

I have a questions specifically about the phone number in citations we are building here in Australia.

Not all the directories in Australia list phone numbers the same way, I am sure this is an issue elsewhere in the world, we have a variety of ways the phone can be displayed:

+612 0000 0000
61 2 0000 0000
(02) 0000 0000

The list goes on, my question is:

Does Google care if the phone number is formatted on a citation in a different way to the number on the client's site, as long as the phone number itself is correct?

Hi Barry, you can't control how the various directories gobble up and spit out the formatting of phone numbers and addresses. Just try to be as consistent as possible.

I will ping one of our Top Contributors from Australia for some more insight.
Thanks for the ping Colan.

Hi Barry as Colan stated you can't really control the formatting but wherever possible I try to follow 'normal' conventions of
(02) 1234 5678 or
0123 456 789 if using a mobile phone.

I especially do this on the website as that is the most authoritative source for Google.

This article from Whitespark (which does take Australia into account) helped ease my fears about NAP consistency, it might help you too:

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