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Feb 17, 2016
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Hi all,

Wondering if anyone could provide some insight as to why we're moving up in the organic rankings, but when searching via G Maps or "more places", we don't appear.

The GMB/G+ is

We have made sure our citations are perfect, but not showing up anywhere.

Thanks in advance.
It might be the location you're searching from. I searched "dating service NYC" from your zip code and you guys are 7th. It looks like a couple of the listings that outrank you are most likely lead generating listings (aka spam).

Can you clarify what keyword you're searching and what location you're searching from?
Thanks for the reply Joy. The keyword is "matchmaker nyc". When searching from NYC, where we are, it's not showing up.
Thanks for the reply Joy. The keyword is "matchmaker nyc". When searching from NYC, where we are, it's not showing up.

It often doesn't and is a mystery as to why with me.

My listing does well and gets coverage in the pack from most of the KW's I target. The business aims at the National UK market not just the local.
I use the Adwords tool.

Ad Preview Tool ? Google AdWords

Where you can set your location to pretty much anywhere by postcode (you call it Zipcode) or place name and search on the KW's.

My listing will show in the top three for anywhere the search is conducted which is more than around 20 miles away from the centroid of the town we are in.

Yet if I am in that town and open a incognito window, even use a fresh browser with no history and search for the same KW we are not in the pack at all. All worked from the IP of the host search.

Have a try with the above tool and see how you get on.....

As to any explanation for my mystery I would be eternally grateful. :)
So a few things I found.

First, some of the ranking listings use the category "singles organisation". Add that category onto your listing and wait a few days and see what happens.

Second, your suite # format is inconsistent with the others in your building which could send a red flag on if you're really there or not. You list 501 but the others in your building have things like #2 and #4

Also, I found a listing for one of your competitors that was ranking really high that was using a very-well-known mailing service in NYC as its mailing address. I reported it as spam and it's gone now.
Thanks Joy, but I seem to already have the 2 things mentioned.

See attached screenshot


So regarding the suite number, why do the other businesses use 1, 2, 3 etc when you are 501? Usually it's 101, 102, 103 for businesses on the first floor of buildings. Are their suite #s incorrect?
I can't attest as to what other businesses are doing but #501 is the 5th floor, 1st suite, overall #501. This is the format the building prefers when receiving mail. This was even enough when we provided proof of location to the GMB rep at one point for verification.

Not sure what other businesses are doing. I do know that our current format matches with the citations we have been building.
So it looks like your issues are local-related. You rank well organically but are pretty much invisible locally as far as what I could tell. I'm curious as to what your Google My Business insights say.

I checked the major data providers and this is what I found:

Express Update has you at the wrong address and no business category:

I could not find a listing on Acxiom
I could not find a listing on Factual
I could not find a listing on D&B
I could not find a listing on Localeze

Apple did have you listed but you might want to update your hours there as they don't match what you have on Google. Neither did Yelp.

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