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May 15, 2016
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Hi guys!

I work for garage door company which also operate in Nashville and surrounding area. Our office located in Nashville itself and all NAP+W pointing to specific landing page. We also have in the website service area pages which also have a page for Nashville. For some reason the main page we trying to rank cannot be found at all in the first 10 pages but the second one does. I also created internal links to the main Nashville page from all relevant pages but still nothing.

Any suggestion?
It's most likely Google is filtering​ one if it's too similar to the other. Add &filter=0 to the Google search URL and see if it appears.
Tnx for your advice Joy! I did found it with adding the filter. But what can i do now? I prefer the not showing result to be in search result
Most likely the page they are showing is more relevant or has more links. Make sure both pages aren't targeting the same keywords. It's really hard to give specific advice without knowing any details.
Okay so I would definitely consolidate those 2 pages. You really want the Nearby Now widget on the main page you want to rank - not a separate page. That way your one page will rank better and will get the organic gold stars. I actually see your main nashville page ranking for "garage doors nashville" but it's missing the stars.
Hi Omer,

Glad you were able to get some great advice already. I don't have anything to add but I did want to point out that your H1 on this page has a typo ( And it's an important word to get right since it's a main service keyword.

"Reliable Garage Door Repir in Nashville TN"

Good Luck!

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