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Mar 10, 2015
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I have asked the same question a few times but never got an answer. I have been keeping an eye on the increase in impressions of a number of bed shops in London. I am doing this as I noticed that my client stopped appearing in the local search listings under the term 'Bed Shop'.
I have noticed that some listings seem to be getting much higher rate of impressions (up to 16% increase over a month). Does anyone know why this is the case and why this has suddenly changed?

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Hey Bsmart,

Can you clarify? Are you referring "View Count" or "Views" for the GMB pages or Impressions for Organic? The view count can be generated from Posts, Shared Posts ,Photos, Google + Stream, Picassa etc. So, there are many variables in play.
View Count.
My client used to get a large view count, but just after christmas it flatlined (almost!)

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...whereas some of the other view counts have seen an increase in impressions

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Thanks, View counts may not be exact, and they may not be updated in real time, so what you might be seeing is just an update to the count. I have seen them jump like that. Like I said, there are so many variables that contribute to that view count. I think for you to get a clear understanding of what is going on with competitors you would have to do some digging. Maybe someone else can pipe in here as I have a limited background in this area.

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Here are a couple posts regarding View Counts

New Google Plus Views Count: Important Metric or Vanity of Vanities?

On March 31, 2014 Google+ added a new visible metric to profiles and pages: view counts. View counts now appear on the cover images of pages and profiles, next to the follower count (if the person or page has made that count visible). In this post you?ll learn:

and Here is a post by Joy at Imprezzio

A New Way to Measure How you Stack up to Competitors on Google Plus: View Counts

I read an awesome article this morning from Stone Temple Consulting that explains the new visible metric that Google added in March 31, 2014 to all Google Plus personal profiles and business pages.
The reason I am asking this is because some other retailed suddenly started to dominate the rankings. I have no idea how or why. We were dominant for so long, then overnight the big retailers started to rank - all with low ratings, no content on their G_ page.
We were dominant for so long, then overnight the big retailers started to rank - all with low ratings, no content on their G_ page.

When was this? The date could help us understand if this was due an algo update and what potentially the cause could be.

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