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Feb 19, 2019
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Hi All,

I have a client (healthcare system) with 1,000+ location and physician listings. They are rebranding later this year - name change logo change, domain change, etc. Aside from changing the listing names, URLs, logos, descriptions...are there any potential pitfalls you can think of that I need to be considering? In particular, is there any risk of the client losing their bulk verification status due to the re-name/domain change? I know the verification is tied to a specific Google account (or location group), but wasn't sure if there's a chance that changing the domain or name could trigger something. Note that the brand name isn't changing drastically - some of the words in the name will remain the same, so it's likely there will be some familiarity.

Thank you in advance! I appreciate the peer feedback!

Is the rebrand happening gradually or on a specific day where all old signage is retired? I did a 4,500 location rebrand in a single day before so it's a loooong day but doable!

Changing listing name and domain will put the changes on the listing under review in GMB - make sure you have plenty of proof to make up the changes are legit to hand and if you can, make contact with GMB support prior to starting so they can put a note against your account. You'll want to make the changes across all listing networks as much as possible as Google, Yelp, Apple, Bing all cross-check off each other.

Apple might also take a few days to change things when they get the data - can't send it to them in adv as they'll cross check the website + other listings so set client expectations appropriately there.

Things to change:

Domain links in web, appointment booking and any other listing hyperlink field
Google Post w/ announcement
Photos -Logo, Cover and Business Owner Album
Insurance info field (if rebrand has led to changes in network membership)
Thank you SO much, Eoghan! You've given me a lot of great tips. At this time, I'm unsure whether the rebrand will be a gradual transition or a specific day. If I had to guess, I am assuming it will all take place in one day. Thank you for the advice!


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