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Sep 5, 2013
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Hi there, well it happened, a client got hit for dupes. We had warned that this could happen. But now that it is done. Recovery is the next.

Besides the obvious, delete the duplicate listings, what else do you suggest?

:) Thanks for your tips.
Hi Robin,

What do you mean by dupe penalty? There is not one per se.

I mean if the dupe is claimed it's a violation and it can cause all kinds of problems, but not any direct penalty you can see.

But even if not claimed, a dupe can interfere with ranking which isn't really a penalty exactly, it's just nature of the beast.

Need more details about what type of dupe. (There are like 10.)

Why do you think penalty, what happened?

Claimed or not?

Same name? Or Different made up name or what was diff about the dupe?

Or Dr/atty dupes???

What do you mean by delete it???

Because if it's an additional listing claimed in dash, then that's violation and yes you need to delete from account. But that won't delete from maps if NAP is different.

So again need a lot more details about type of dupe and symptoms to be able to advise further.
Need more details about what type of dupe. (There are like 10.)

There were multiple listings using same address different names. Some listings had same phone number.

Why do you think penalty, what happened?
-Was #3 on Google Local for 12 weeks now #9.
Was #5 in Organic now #11

Claimed or not?
-Claimed. Not sure if all these listings were under the same dashboard.
Still trying to understand what happened.

Or Dr/atty dupes???
Not Attorney would rather not say which business.

What do you mean by delete it???
I asked client to delete the listings that were duplicates.

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