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Feb 7, 2013
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I am familiar with the thread(s) and Joy's study since earlier this year that have discussed whether or not a "closed" label on a Google My Business page is the best option for a business that has changed its NAP, but I'm curious about something specifically related to the "closed or relocated" label. Many of us remember how pivotal it was when Google released this back in 2012, but anecdotally, I have not seen a listing with it in quite a while. Does it still exist? Does anyone have an example of a listing that still uses the "closed or relocated" label?
Hi Kerry and Grrr....

That's a sore spot with me. The relocated message seems to have gone the way of the dodo bird.

TONS of businesses - just TONS, like several a day are complaining at the Google forum that their listing says "Permanently Closed". They are having customers call confused and are likely losing some because it looks like they are out of business.

We have raised the issue several times that this closed message is hurting businesses and asked for the relocated messaging to come back. To no avail. :(

Been meaning to do a post about this. Thanks for reminding me!
Hear Hear Linda. It has been very annoying. We had one client relocate down the street. We marked the listing as moved and the listing just showed permanently closed for 7 months. We have not had one listing show "Moved Elsewhere" or "relocated" even though they allow you to mark it as "Moved Elsewhere". On average, this particular client said they were getting 2-3 calls a week from confused patients.
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This is just terrible. Linda, please post back here if they fix this.

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