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Jun 1, 2015
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Hello LSF,

I would like to ask for your expert opinion on a case with one of the businesses I manage. So the hotel in question opened in February 2021. Usually, when I start working on a new business (like it's with this case), I find an available for verification listing on Google Maps. I claim the business and insert the opening date in GMB dashboard. As you know, the presence of a future date in the range of the next 90 days disables the "write a review" option.

However, when I find the floating page on Google Maps it already has a certain number of reviews, as prior to claiming it, the page acts like it's opened and the users are able to leave feedback.

So, all these reviews that were left before the hotel opened doors are basically irrelevant and are off-topic according to the review policy, as they are not based on a genuine experience at the specific location.

I raised the matter to Google Support and they declined to remove all reviews posted before hotel's opening, as they didn't violate the policy.

Please let me know what are your thoughts on the above and advise me whether I should object their decision and convince them to remove them from the page.

Thank you so much :)


Contact GMB support again and give them some evidence that confirms when the hotel opened. I escalated a case just like this and the reviews got removed.

The case ID for that one is [4-0539000028878]. You can share that case ID with GMB support and it might help them see the notes that clarify what policy this is violating.

If that doesn't work, post on the GMB forum and I can escalate it.
Hi Nevena,

Like Joy says, GMB should remove those reviews. We have had several cases like yours and the most obvious was a hotel that had been purchased by a different hotel chain and refurbished it to an Adults-Only hotel, where previously it had been a family orientated beach hotel.

Curious to know what you will do with the photos or if you are asking also for the photos to be removed...
Hi Joy,

Huge thanks for your top advice. In this particular case, Google Team is stubborn in rejecting my query even after sharing all this, so I went ahead and created topic in the community Awaiting your kind assistance.

@Lluc thank you for sharing this great tip.

When it comes to the irrelevant imagery, unfortunately the only way to take them down is via flags or submitting ticket to GS, even when there's dramatical change of the business look following brand change and extended renovations. That's why in these circumstances, I create a new page and close the old location, as per the GMB guidelines.

Enjoy your weekend :)


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