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Mar 18, 2014
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Hello experts! I have a client (an ENT doctor office) who received 3 fake Google reviews in 1 week. The 3 reviews were left on a practitioner's Google My Business listing.

The doctor has no record of any of these 3 people being patients. They are posing as patients.

How can I go about getting all 3 fake reviews removed from their Google My Business listing? We already flagged them as inappropriate using this process (Flag inappropriate reviews - Android - Google My Business Help), but that didn't do anything. What else can we do?

I can provide any information you may need so please let me know. Thanks so much!
@Janell H, I can flag the reviews if you PM me the links. (I'd like everything to be self-explanatory and don't want to read much, so hope you'll streamline as necessary.)

Besides having multiple people (preferably with good editing histories) flag the reviews, there's not much else in the golf back. Just the same, this post may help: How to Remove Fake Google Reviews
Please be advised that Google may not pull review and sometimes goes against their own code and standards. We have a hamburger restaurant that was "reviewed" by a guest who mentioned that our GM was such a spirited person that she gave free lapdances for the kids. Hamburger restaurant and lapdances don't make sense -- obviously. Owners wanted it pulled. Escalated three times providing detailed facts about our business and why this was inappropriate and should be pulled. They let this go and mentioned we needed to contact the person who posted or comment in public. General free speech over inaccuracies -- we don't get it.

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