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Jul 20, 2012
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Hi All,
One of my clients is a dentist.
He works hard to get people to review him on Google and, for the most part, the reviews are very positive.
He recently received an unjust review and wants to respond; however, Google does not offer the 'Respond' feature on his page
Can anyone determine why and if so, what can be done to fix this?
Thanking those that reply in advance.
Are you seeing the Button that takes you to the page you can respond? I'm assuming your logged into the dashboard.

Hi Ray,

The most common reason that happens is that the listing is dual claimed. Many of my Dentists were. Check to see if the office manager, designer, wife or even the Dentist has a listing in another G account anywhere. I've even had cases where it was DemandForce that created another listing. If you can find it, delete from dash.

If you can't find it contact support and ask them if there is another owner and have them unverify it.
Hi Dusty,
I am not seeing the Button that takes me to the page I can respond to. And I don't think I'm in the dashboard. Everything was so easy with Local/Places. G+ is a boondoggle to me. I'm at the point that I'm willing to pay someone to help me access this account.

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Hi Linda,
Thanks for responding.
Does Google have a G+ support desk that one can call? Not being able to access the dentist's account is incredibly frustrating.
Thanks Justin. I was posting at same time as you so didn't see your reply til now.

And I don't think I'm in the dashboard.

Ray, if you are not logged into the dash then you would not get the reply option.
You would not want someone off the street replying as the owner right?
You need to be logged in as either owner or manager of that listing.

It's gotten confusing with all the changes. I know because I had to totally tear my training apart and start over to encompass all the changes. BUT the new dash, once you understand how everything works, is actually much better/easier.

Try this 1st before calling support because I thought you had a problem and could not see the reply option. But if you are not even logged in then that's the problem.

Log into their G+ account. Whatever account you use to manage the listing.

Then click: Then click the page that we are talking about. Then click on reviews and right there you can reply.

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