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Dec 4, 2023
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Hi all!

I'm new here and new to GBPs, though I've been a long time Product Expert over on the Google News and Publisher Center help forums.

So I've been learning everything I can about GBP and registered a GBP manager agency. Now I'm working on getting a business profile reinstated.

The business submitted a reinstatement request and was turned down.

Question - when I fix what I suspect are the issues, can I make a new reinstatement request through the agency as the manager? Or do I need to ask the business to reply to the original thread using their gmail address?

I was hoping to take care of this for them, but I know Google is touchy about replying on the same thread with the same address. Didn't know if agencies had any exception to that.

Thanks for any thoughts on this,

Once you have been added as a manager/owner on the listing, you'll need a copy of the original thread (have them forward it to you) and you can respond to it.
Once you have been added as a manager/owner on the listing, you'll need a copy of the original thread (have them forward it to you) and you can respond to it.
So... weirdness...

Using my manager email address, I sent GBP support a reply responding to the reinstatement denial that they had sent to the owner.

I explained I was added to the profile as a manager, briefly noted the changes we had made, and requested reinstatement.

Three days later, the owner receives what appears to be a copy of the original reinstatement denial from when she originally requested reinstatement back in Sept.

I sent them the email reinstatement request, so wouldn't they get back to me? And the reply would include what I had written to them as part of the thread, eh?

Maybe the email she received is unrelated to my response and they haven't even gotten to my email yet. But the timing seems weird.

I just don't know... thoughts? Should I just wait to see if I get a reply? The profile remains suspended at this point.
So, I'm still stuck with this one.

This is a company I volunteered to help out just to get some experience.

I was assigned as a manager and sent an email to support with the same ticket number from the original thread that the business owner's original reverification attempt.

The email I sent and the supporting evidence, plus the profile and images the owner has posted, are here:

MPS - Google Drive

No response from support, other than an email that was sent to the business owner that was a copy of the original denial.

I've checked with the business owner and she says there are no restrictions noted on her account (checking at Account settings: Your browser is not supported.).

It seems clear through her documentation, images, profile and website that the business is legit and it looks like there are not any policy violations, but please let me know if there is something I missed.

If it's not something in the profile, I'm wondering if perhaps there is something about her account?

I'm wondering if I should have her set up a new Google account and move her primary ownership to it?

Or should I post it on the GBP help forum for escalation?

Or... is there something else you would recommend or see that is wrong?

Thanks for any help and education on this :)

I would reply to the reply you sent in and ask for an update but would also post over on the GBP community as well.

Suspensions are really annoying and difficult to deal with at times.

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